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Game Arkanoid

Arkanoid Game

Arkanoid is yet another arcade game for game freaks. It was the game first developed in early 1986 by Taito.

The basics

How to play: Click the mouse to start the game and the ball will then launched itself, then keep the ball alive by bouncing it back at the bricks. Destroy bricks for points and power-ups. To pass the level, you must eliminate all "destroyable" bricks.

Brick types

Arkanoid has various types of bricks which makes difference in every levels. Every brick has their own point value for hits on them. Some bricks have special behaviors associated with them (for example, the "not destroyable" condition - where the brick does not need to be destroyed in order to finish the level.) These behaviors are listed in the "special notes" section of the description.

Gold (click to demo hit)
Hits: Unlimited
Special notes

- Not counted as a "destroyable" brick
- Indestructible (with the exception of the Mega ball)
Funky (click to demo hit)
Hits: 2
Point value: 50
Special notes

- Not counted as a "destroyable" brick
- Respawns 3 seconds after being destroyed
- Hit count increases to 3 at level 10, then to 4 at level 20
Hits: 2
Point value: 50
Special notes

- Hit count increases to 3 at level 10, then to 4 at level 20


You will be added with one more extra life. You can only have one power-up effect at a time - they cannot be combined.

Bypass level
Bypass: Allows you to exit the current level without having to destroy each of the usual bricks. You can choose to keep playing also, and you won't die if all balls are lost.
Frequency of getting this: 2%
Catch: Makes the balls "stick" to the paddle on contact, and release it on the mouse click.
Frequency: Average - 2%
Disrupt (Disruption)
Disrupt: Give eight additional balls. The spawn occurs from the highest ball on the screen at the time.
Frequency: Average - 10%
Extend: Extends the paddle and, making it easier to hit balls.
Frequency: Average - 10%
Intelligent Shadow
Intelligent shadow: This creates a trailing "shadow" that follows the paddle, and can bounce balls just the same as the paddle. The refraction is different each time.
Frequency: Average - 10%
Laser: The paddle get laser-firing ability. Two "turrets" appear on the paddle with this power-up, and lasers are fired on every mouse click. A laser does the same amount of brick damage that a ball does, but you have the advantage of aim-and-fire with the lasers.
Frequency: Average - 10%
Mega: Make all active balls to blue balls, which rip through any and all bricks without bouncing. They do speed up as through they bounced every time they hit a brick though, so be ready for some fast-moving balls if you get this power-up.
Frequency: Low - 3%
Node: Similar to Disrupt, but creates three respawning balls. That is, the highest ball respawns until there are three balls on the screen. Keep at least one alive, and it will spawn two more to bring the total back to three. Watch out for quick speeding up though, as the spawned balls inherit the speed of their parent!
Frequency: Average - 10%
Player: Give "Additional life" to the player.
Frequency: Low - 2%
Restrict: This power-up has both a good and a bad side to it. On the upside, any points you earn will be doubled before being added to your total score. On the downside, the paddle is reduced to 2/3 of its original size, making it harder to keep the ball going. It will good if you're going for a highscore, although you might not live as long!
Frequency: Average - 10%
Slow: Slows down all active balls by 33% of their current speed.
Frequency: Average - 10%
Twin: Splits the paddle into a kind of twin paddles - overall slightly larger than the Extend power-up, but there is a risk of losing the ball in the gap through the middle. The angle at which the twin paddles reflect is also slightly different than the others.
Frequency: Average - 10%

Game controls

Mouse: Paddle navigation control
Space bar: Game pause/resume

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